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People should know that female ejaculation is not a myth and there are many women out there who actually experience it.

However, since it is not usually discussed, many women find it embarrassing to actually talk about it since they may be having this impression that they have actually urinated on themselves in bed.

                                    How To Make A Girl Squirt

Throughout the years and through the various research that have been carried out, it has been found that women normally produce a certain kind of fluid which normally comes from a gland known as the skene's gland.

This gland is normally located on the anterior wall of the vagina near the urethra. However, the truth regarding where the ejaculation actually comes from is still unknown.

When it comes to the amount of fluid that actually comes out, research has proven that it is not more than a teaspoonful while some women claim to squirt more than this amount.

On the basis of whether or not all women can squirt, it is said that since every woman's body is different and that even the level of stimulation varies in different women, some women may not actually be able to squirt and this may not be considered to be an abnormal thing.

Studies have also shown that women tend to ejaculate whenever they reach orgasm, but this is different from squirting since instead of the fluid being released, it is usually pushed back up the bladder during the tightening of the muscles.  

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I’m back with even more insider info on how to stimulate her breasts and make her cum HARD.

The breasts are closely connected to the vulva, clitoris and vagina.

So much so that the same parts of the brain are activated when you’re touching her breasts as when you’re touching her down there.

That’s why breast orgasms are possible!

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The first thing you need to do when it comes to her breasts is love, worship and respect them.

That might sound silly to some of you. You might be thinking, they’re my favorite, I already love them!

But you need to remember that they’re not a separate being, they’re attached to a special and sexy woman.

The more you honor them, the more you honor her, and the better your sex will be.

In order to find out what your individual partner loves, you need to spend time trying things, investigating, touching, experimenting.

See what gets results and what gets a thumbs down.

Take it all in and take notes.

You will be tested later.

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